• Fadhlur Rahman Monash University
Keywords: Students Perception, Grammar, Assessment, Language Learning, Classroom Assessment


This study aimed to explore how grammar assessment in the EFL classroom was implemented at the English Department of the State Islamic University of Ar-Raniry (UIN Ar-Raniry). The researcher investigated learners’ perspectives regarding the congruence of the grammar assessment with the planned learning, assessment authenticity, transparency, and their capability in the classroom. A total of 69 fourth-year students of the English Department responded to the questionnaire with 24 five-point Likert scale items. The quantitative data of Students’ Perceptions of Assessment Questionnaire (SPAQ) items were descriptively analysed using the SPSS16 program. The result offers significant insights into the ways students viewed classroom-based grammar assessments. It was shown that students perceived a slight congruence between grammar assessment and planned learning, as well as inadequate transparency regarding the purpose, authenticity, and assessment forms. Moreover, the result indicates that their perceived capability in taking the assessment was rather unsatisfactory.


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